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May CLNPE Newsletter



June 8, 2024


Please have your items out by 8:30am on June 8, 2024. Mark them with a 

B for bulk and D donations of clothing, books, household goods and furniture. DPW truck will pick up any bulk trash items with no limit of the number of items. Project B Green truck will take donation going to Martha's Table. 


The Electronics and Shredding trucks will be on the corner of Redbud Lane and East Beach Drive from 12:00pm-3:00pm.

Electronics Truck - They will provide you with a certification that your hard drive was completely cleaned. (no printers please)

  June 22, 2024 CLNPE FINAL MEETING AND NEIGHBORHOOD PICNIC On East Beach Drive between North Portal Drive & Sycamore Street. 

The event committee will follow up with more details regarding activities and foods for the picnic. There will be activities, games and music for all ages.



Swimming Pools

Please read How to Drain Your Swimming Pool Properly from the Department of Energy & Environment. As well as this document about DC regulations on swimming pool backwashing. Please adhere to the requirements of the District Government.


DCPS Final Recommendations 2023 Boundary and Student Assignment Study

Final Recommendations 2023 Boundary and Student Assignment Study has been released. There is an interactive map where you can type in your address to see the effect. Shepherd Park/Colonial Village/North Portal have stayed the same.


Boundary and Student Assignment Study 2023 | dme

Final Report The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) conducted a comprehensive review of District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) boundaries and feeder patterns and public school student assignment policies in 2023 in accordance with the Attendance Zone Boundaries Act of 2013. This review focused on solving current and anticipated future challenges relating to clear rights, adequate capacity, and equitable access to public schools for the next 10 years.


Upcoming DC Water Work In Your Area - Local Sanitary and Combined Sewers Inspection And Cleaning Project

DC Water will soon be conducting routine inspection and cleaning of the sanitary and combined sewer lines and manholes inside Rock Creek Park. Among other benefits, this project will help in observing the locations with debris and other maintenance-related issues which are related to backups in the combined sewer system in this area. Once debris is identified in the sewer pipes or manholes, DC Water can take necessary actions to clean the system efficiently, and with minimal disturbance in the neighborhood.

To provide a little more context, This area is part of a larger, multi-phase project to inspect and clean our network of sewers across the city. While the overall project schedule is from April 2022 to March 2025, we will be starting our work in your area very soon, and should be wrapped up within a month or so, weather permitting. Normal work hours and other important information may be found on the project information sheet.


In addition to that, the Civic League through it's infrastructure and environmental committee will contact DC Water regarding cleaning the catch basins in the North Portal Neighborhood as well as getting involved in the DC street cleaning. 


Become a 2024 Youth Human Rights Ambassador!



Costco’s Innovative Offer:Exchange Old Electronics for Free Groceries – Here’s How to Benefit

Costco’s Trade-In program is a hidden gem for savvy shoppers, offering a convenient way to turn outdated electronics into valuable store credit. For regular Costco customers who appreciate the retailer’s unbeatable deals, this program presents an opportunity to declutter their homes while earning rewards that can be used for anything in the store, including groceries.

Operated in collaboration with Phobio, a trusted technology trade-in partner, Costco’s Trade-In program accepts a wide range of old electronic devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and gaming consoles. The process is remarkably simple: customers visit the program’s dedicated website, where they can select the specific device they want to trade in. The website then provides an estimate based on the device’s condition and current market value.

If the customer agrees to the offer, they can easily print a free shipping label provided by Costco and send the device to the designated address for verification. Once Costco receives and inspects the device, they issue a Costco Card equivalent to the agreed-upon value, which can be conveniently received either digitally or via traditional mail.

While the Trade-In program offers an attractive opportunity to earn store credit, it’s essential to be aware of certain restrictions. Damaged or non-functional items are not accepted, and specific devices may have trade-in stipulations, such as minimum storage capacity requirements. Therefore, customers should carefully review the program’s criteria for each device before initiating a trade.

Participating in Costco’s Trade-In program comes with several notable benefits. Not only does it provide a practical solution for decluttering unwanted electronics, but it also offers a sustainable way to reduce electronic waste. Moreover, there are no shipping charges for sending items to Costco, making it a cost-effective option for customers.

The store credit earned through the Trade-In program can be used for purchases at Costco, both in-store and online. This includes groceries, household items, electronics, and more, making it a versatile and valuable reward for participating customers. By leveraging this credit, customers can make the most out of their outdated devices, transforming them into savings on everyday essentials.

For those who are not Costco members, similar trade-in programs are available at other retailers like Target, Best Buy, and GameStop. These programs operate on similar principles, offering quotes for used devices and store credit based on the item’s condition.

In conclusion, Costco’s Trade-In program is a win-win proposition for customers looking to declutter their homes, reduce electronic waste, and earn valuable rewards. It’s a smart and sustainable way to make the most out of outdated electronics while enjoying the unbeatable value that Costco is known for.



Refer a Service Provider

If you had great service providers (lawn care, contractors, handymen, electricians, plumbers) and would like them to advertise (no realtors) in our neighborhood newsletter, please send the name of the service provider email


Tree Trimming

There has been interest in getting tree trimming and/or removal of dead trees on your property. The Civic League will interview tree companies to get a bulk rate. If you have used a tree company and were satisfied with them, email


Be Alert and Neighborhood Crime Prevention

Please pay attention to your surrounds. We have had some suspicious persons in the neighborhood. Keep your doors and car doors locked and please don't have packages left on your porch in plain site. Please leave no valuables visible in your cars. Also please notify any visitors or service people to lock their vehicles and not leave valuables in their trucks or cars.


DC Department of Transportation issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) for a Reduction of speed limit on 16th Street NW between Allison Street NW and Eastern Avenue NW. See issue here. 


For any additional information contact:

Kelly Jeong-Olson, Strategic Communication Manager - Traffic Safety Branch.

202-345-7105 or


We need North Portal Estates to review and weigh in regarding their feelings on the reduction issue.


Dr. Dorothy Boggess was honored by the Congress of US Our own Dr. Dorothy Boggess (age 106), was Honored with the Congressional Gold Medal by the US Congress for her work and service to the United States during World War II, on April 10, 2024.


Dr. Dorothy Boggess will be signing a book that she has written and published. Please come and attend the Cultural Club's Annual Bazaar:

Location: Zion Baptist Church

4850 Blagden Ave NW

Date: June 15, 2024

Time: 11am - 4pm

Virginia Al

Our neighbor and owner of Ben's Chili Bowl was recently featured on the morning Today Show. Please click here: TODAY Show


You can also see the restaurant featured in this season of Some Feed Phil - a Netflix series. (Season 7, Episode 2)




Karen Brittonformer President Obama appointee



Dr. William Morris



Micheal Reid



Dela Burke



Dr. Green



Judge Wendell Gardener

Get Well

Allen Harrison

Get Well

Mrs. Evelyn Jones

Get Well


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