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The Civic League of North Portal Estates (CLNPE) was established in 1967, based upon the organizing efforts of four men residing in the neighborhood.  These civic-minded men, Clifford Allen, King David, Levi Delaine and Robert Gayle, were all very committed to the social and political advancement of neighborhood interests.  Accordingly, they realized the need to get fellow neighbors engaged in the affairs of their beloved community, as well as the District.


The first meeting was held on May 3, 1967, bringing neighbors together to learn of the plans and objectives of the organization – to promote the welfare and interest of North Portal Estates and to preserve the charm and character of the neighborhood.  Upon learning of this initial gathering, the neighboring Shepherd Park Citizens Association (SPCA) extended to North Portal residents the opportunity to join its organization.  Despite North Portal residents’ declination to join, SPCA President Theodore Prahinski worked tirelessly with the CLNPE founders in preparing its constitution and procedures.


Collaboration between CLNPE and SPCA continues today, with joint sponsorship of local political forums, mutual support of Shepherd Elementary School and the Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Neighborhood Library, joint children's activities, combined community-wide garden tours and yard sales, and coordination of common transportation concerns.


In the course of its 50-plus years existence, the Civic League of North Portal Estates has strived to make a difference within its own neighborhood as well as to those across Ward 4 and the rest of the City.   Services provided to NPE residents include:  arrange meals service, and provide emergency medical care and transport assistance to seniors during the recent coronavirus pandemic; obtain traffic safety improvements of signage, crosswalks and markings on NPE neighborhood streets; coordinate environmentally friendly community clean up days; host seasonal community-wide social events; and spearhead the City’s initial installation and the 2020 upgrade of the 16th Street NW Circle traffic signal system.  Beyond our neighborhood, CLNPE has provided:  scholarships to deserving Washington, DC students; coats and holiday food baskets for the less fortunate; and support in clean ups of Rock Creek Park and its waterways.  These activities are carried out by the volunteer efforts of CLNPE’s various committees.


Today, with a neighborhood consisting of 222 households, the Civic League of North Portal Estates actively engages in city matters through its membership and participation in Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A/Single Member District 4A01, and both the DC Federation of Citizens Associations and the DC Federation of Civic Associations.  CLNPE also works very closely with its Ward 4 Council Member, the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, and the Metropolitan Police Department Fourth District.


To keep neighbors informed, CLNPE holds regular membership meetings throughout the year, disseminates current news and events by email (or hand flyer), and maintains this website,

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