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Creation of the Civic League of North Portal Estates

North Portal residents, Clifford Allen, King David, Levi Delaine and Robert E. Gayle met at the home of King David to organize what was the beginning formation of the Civic League of North Portal Estates. Those men who are all deceased were all civic minded and engaged in the social, political and advancement of neighborhood matters. They realized the need to get residents involved in the matters of their beloved community as well as the city at large.


On May 3rd, 1967 in the same years the founders and organizer met again holding the first meeting with residents to inform the attendees about the plans and objectives of the organization which is to promote the welfare and interest of North Portal Estates and preserve the charm and character of the neighborhood.


Upon learning about the first gathering, Shepherd Park Civic Association extended an opportunity for North Portal residents to join Shepherd Parks Association but the residents declined and move ahead with the formation the Civic League of North Portal Estates. With that decision the Shepherd Park Civic Association, President Attorney Theodore Prahinski worked tirelessly with the founders of the Civic League of North Portal Estates to help with procedures and the constitution.


The original officers of the Civic League of North Portal were:

Mr. Gilbert Goldhammer                      President

Attorney King David                             First-Vice President

Mrs. Sigmund Aides                             Second Vice President

Mrs. Mary Purnell                                 Recording Secretary

Dr/Mrs. Bette Catoe Strudwick           Financial Secretary

Mrs. Joan Binder                                  Corresponding Secretary

Mr. Robert Gayle                                  Treasurer

Mr. Warren Van Hook                          Parliamentarian

Dr. Linwood Rayford                            Sergeant at Arms

Mr. Clifford Allen                                   Delegate to Federation of Civic Associations


The Civic League has a rich history of community involvement and engagement. Over its 50 years it has provided scholarships to Washington, DC deserving students, provided Christmas baskets for the less fortunate, to getting stop and parking signs, orange hat patrols, traffic lights installed at 16th Street NW and Eastern Ave NW, to ensuring grass being cut, trees trimmed, park maintenance and security by National Park Service along East Beach Dr. and North Portal Dr. In recent years the League has worked with Mayors and Council Members to demolish a million dollar house, have all the streets resurfaced, and encouraged general maintenance to maintain the integrity, safety and beauty of the character and charm of this jewel we call home.


This was the desire of our founders and we are those who now service that purpose.

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